Bad Credit? Don't know where to start?

Bad Credit? 

Don't know where to start?

FREE email mini-course reveals simple unknown game-changers to get your credit out of the red (and into the green)

Want to know everyday strategies that ANYONE can use to get their credit back on the right track?

Get Credit Insider Tips, Strategies, And Little-Known Credit Repair Secrets...

Hey there, my name is Stuart Somlar and I’m one of the co-founders for New Paradigm Credit Solutions.

10 years ago my thriving business went under and I had a hard time finding a new job to simply pay the bills…

And it was ALL due to my bad credit!

Since then I’ve completely restored my bad credit to a score of 805 and have helped many others bring their scores up from bad to excellent.

And now I want to help you do the same with my new FREE 4-part email course called You Can Fix Your Credit!

The weight of bad credit...

I know how limiting it is to have your bad credit always weighing on your shoulders, keeping you from moving your life in the direction you want.

Many people simply need a bit of capital to grow or save their businesses - or - they’re a perfect job candidate, but their credit is in bad shape so they aren’t able to get the loan they need or win the job they want.
And that’s why I’ve put together this FREE email course to turn your credit ship around and sail in the right direction.

I’m even going to give you some credit hacks that you can use immediately to see a “point-pop” in your credit score within as little as X days!

All you need to do is click the button below to fill out the form so I know where to send the email mini-course.

Here's what you'll learn when you join You Can Fix Your Credit:

  Day 1

The simple LEGAL hack that could raise your score by 5-15 points… and all you’ve got to do is make a few phone calls.

  Day 2

35% of your credit score is made of up this one thing, and we’ll show you how to get it under control.

  Day 3

Repairing your credit score is often as much about what you DON’T do as much as it is about what you’re doing. We’ll show you what you can easily avoid in order to continue on the path to a great credit profile.

 Bonus Day

How to utilize your credit to INCREASE your credit score and get a “point-pop!”

Why give it away for free?

Now if you’re wondering WHY I would give this email course away for free…

The reason is I know that once these powerful credit hacks put you on the path to credit freedom, you’re going to want to go all in for an 800+ score by buying my new book. 

That’s it, that’s the catch.
(Sign up for the free course to learn more about the book 😋)

But you can't wait...

However… we just started this email course and I can’t say with any confidence how much longer we’ll keep it going or how long it will be free.

So make sure to sign up while you’re still seeing this page!

But Stuart, Give You My Email...

If for some reason once you join the free course you don’t find that the content is going to help you change the state of your credit for good, you can simply unsubscribe and you’ll never get an email from us again.

You can fix your credit!

So don’t forget, just click the button below to sign up for the You Can Fix Your Credit FREE email course.

We’ll talk more on the inside!

- Stuart Somlar
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